• Possessing inner strength and outer calm, Deacon Jim is a man of Faith keeping the small neighborhood parish open to all, including one mysterious figure who needs a bit more care than most. Who is this man that gives aid and shelter to Divine, what are his reasons for doing so, and what secrets of… Read More


    No damsel in distress, Jin is street-smart and kick-ass! While her edgy, wise-cracking nature may be obvious so too is her compassionate heart, a necessary weapon against the dark, one that is too easily shattered. Who exactly is Jin, and what does she mean to Divine? How did they meet, and why does she stay… Read More


    One never knows what hides beneath the skin of an ordinary-seeming human in the world of Divine: The Series. In this case it happens to be a giant, fearsome Minotaur with wicked sharp horns…as our hero has the unpleasant opportunity to experience in an up close and personal encounter. Once again, Divine gives a man… Read More


    Hold still! The application of blood to Misha’s face is an everyday experience for actors on the set of Divine. Creating realistic blood is an art in itself, and in this series there sure is a lot of it. Toby Lindala presents an excellent behind-the-scenes look at the creation and application of some of the… Read More


    Another layer of mystery is added to the story of Father Christopher in Episode 6, when the bloody and demonic-eyed priest seemingly attacks Deacon Jim through the wall of the Confessional. What is happening? Is this really Father Christopher, or just an image from a nightmare? When Misha Collins (as Father Christopher) lunges through the… Read More

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  • Welcome to redemption…

    A young priest must come to terms with his crisis of faith or risk damnation to the soul of a living miracle. With man’s free will held in the balance, the bloody conflict surrounding the immortal being known as Divine will take him further into his religion than he ever dreamed possible.

    Marseille Web Fest - Section Officielle 2012

    Divine: The Series has been taking home numerous awards these past several months! We are thrilled and humbled by the recognition for all the hard work done by our cast and crew, and the dedicated support of our fans. Awards including being one of a select few chosen to participate in the Marseille Web Fest, a top honor won during the recent LA Web Series Festival 2012. Read more…

    Behind the Scenes

    If you have been curious to discover how we created some of the magic that you see on screen, please visit our Media page and check out all the BTS video! Monsters, make-up, stunt sequences…you will find it all in our BTS extras. Have fun! Find them here…

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